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The “Spider” and “WoahNelly” Turbo >>> One of my All-Time coolest upgrades for the Mini-Z and Xmods! 🙂

Thank you for posting the installation info Aaron. Although brushless motors are making their presence known in the Mini-Z racing world these days, especially with PN Racing & Atomic making newer/better Versions of BL motors for Mini-Z.. I am still one race who appreciates a good-quality hand-wound brushed motor in my cars 🙂

Am I the only one????… I miss the days of the Custom Brushed Motor businesses all over the Net. Man, there were some really cool motors and a lot of style and skill put into hand-wound armatures and hand-built motors. I would love to see a Spider/WoahNelly/MOSFET-Upgrade revival as well as some new custom motors being brought to market again, even with myself having a a BL chassis (Or 2, lol) in my stable now.. 🙂