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I love 4x NimH still… I am always matching NimH cells and trying to find the highest-voltage, lowest-Internal Resistance NimH cells..

In the USA, and around the world, the PN World Cup Series rules are the standard for racing and they require NiMh x4 (4.8v) only — No Lipo allowed for any classes. So the majority of guys still run 4x NimH in their Mini-Z chassis’.

Although Lipo is now used in Atomic’s new AMZ AWD custom chassis and in X-POWER’s MRX 2WD carbon custom chassis.. Lipo is slowly expanding into Mini-Z and 1/28th territory… But for me there is something retro-cool about Nimh cells. I love using my Competition Electronics Turbo GFX charger and matching-up some ultra-hot NimH cells. 🙂

The Plasmatomic by PH2T… That is one hell of a motor right thurr.
I have a few variations of the Plasmatomic myself Dave.. 🙂

PH2T is definitely missed in this hobby.. 🙁