Re: 4 Those that bought KIT s 4 parts……

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You re right about that! But it still wouldn’t be as quick as the same car with a Bit axle & gears. Now top end is another story. My first attemp at using the KIT wheels was with a Skyline w/an Extreme 3.5. The motor wasn’t a high torquer and with the KIT gearing, it was a dog off the line but once it got up to speed, it was “shmokin”.
The only reason I can see to use them is for the wheel design. Personally I like the stock Bit/MS wheels better than the KIT, they look more show. But the KIT wheels are different from the norm, they look more racey therefore makes them more desirable. I just put the KIT wheels on the Bit axles w/gear and call it a day.