Re: Ball Diff

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i seen plasma’s stomp on nml’s thats why people started useing plasma’s.

i race at a track and do scale drags and my plasma just spamk’s nml’s and i can buy 5 plasma’s for the price of 1 nml.

nml= stock Tamiya hyperdash motors with pn bb cans that are polished and pn brushes. anyone can do what hes doing hes a fin can swaper. anyone who handwinds motors can back there clames up with dynos but so far he hasent showed me 1.

oh yeah i use a diff “anodized at home and it was kinda easy if you wanna know how pm me found out how to do it in a hot rod mag.” and i polished the rings with motheres alu. and mag polish. its like butter.

oh yeah the only fact nml is knowen is becouse his friends are like there so fast you cant beat them but everyon knows the plasma just bi tch slaps it. useing a plasma dash is like bringing a hawitzer to a knife fight.