Re: can someone explain batteries to me?

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No, they have the same output. In fact I put this to the test recently. My dual “tomy” 50~60mah nicad batts go just as fast as the perfection nimh 200mah dual cell. The speed and acceleration was exactly the same. Higher mah batts just last longer, but you wont really notice the difference unless you can charge them fully. Nimh are known for their larger charge capacity and better durability, but it wont win you anything the nicads can’t win.

I do know that nimh could interfere with the steering magnet more than nicads though. Nimh will attract magnets more than nicads. So, if you dual cell a car and it tends to jerk at high speeds, then it may be the batts. I always try to keep the batts as far away from the steering compartment as I can. It’s better that way for weight distribution also.