Re: Extending Charge Time Mod

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In both cases Genspec, I would try doubling the larger capaciter.
The nano’s 100uF can go up to 220 uF 10V
The compact’s 47uF can go up to 100uF 10V.

OK, I finally got around to doing this today. I checked the charge times before making any changes and the Nanoracer/Fitracer was charging for 75 seconds anyway so I didn’t change the cap on that one. The Compact was getting a charge of about 45 seconds with the 47uf cap. I changed this to a 100uf 16v cap and it increased the charge time to 95 secs.

My BCG gets about a 75 second charge after performing the mod from QFM, ie, replace the stock cap with a 47uf 16v one.


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