Re: Finally got one! Just a few questions..

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Hey Martin

Firstly – DON’T apologise for asking questions 🙂 You have to learnsomehow, and if you don’t speak/read Japanese you HAVE to ask around.

Glad you’re having fun with the car. The drift kit IS a hoot one youget used to it

The booster cars are basically whole new setups. The only thing you can really keep from your existing setup is your fave shell. You MUST use the special 4Band/3ch controller and you must replace all of theinternal electronics.

At USD49.54 (AUD96.00) including EMS freight (and assuming you don’t get charged GST), the kit linked via is a good buy if you wanted to grab one! Also see what Dozer can do for you, too.

Yep – all of the booster cars are GT-Rs, but the clear shell is just a gimmick, really, as most people will use their fave painted shell from their fleet.