Re: Hardest color paint to work with

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I have been having a bit of trouble with yellow myself:( I have tried both enamel and acryl and done two bits now, one primed and one not, and have found that it just doesn’t spray on right:( Haven’t switched paint companys yet, may be the problem, but I was wondering if it was one of a few tricky colors since seeing some of the the yellow microsizers, as well as some clones painted yellow, sometimes don’t seem to the best paintjobs? imo. Don’t have any yellow lambos, but do have a yellow bug and the paintjob on it looks good?

Just a side, most darker colors and white (for me) as well as silver seem to be the easiest to work with. barto, will have to take your word for it on the pink;) as I have yet to use it but threw that one in there as a choice for you seeing your latest creation:)