Re: How to strip down an AWD to clean the steering setup

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Step 10 :
OK now that you know where the wore go, use your finger nail to pop the clip on the side of the car so the servo cover can come off !! see the pic celled STEP10. once you pop the clip it should just fall off and reveal the POT, Servo gears, servo saver and motor !! as per pic STEP10A

Step 11 :
remover the screw I’ve marked with the Red dot in the pic called STEP11 and then remove the clip under it. you remove it buy gently pushing it to the drivers side of the car !!

Step 12 :
Now lift the servo saver up and over then sit it on top of the gear like in the pic called STEP12 now remove the little pivot pin from the servo save and place it somewhere safe !!!

Step 13 :
Turn the car over and gently push down on the rear of the servo motor just 1m or 2 to free it up as per the pic celled STEP13.