Re: Kyosho Mini-Z all wheels drive

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I’ve never stuffed a screw hole on any of my other Z’s and I’ve takin them apart and rebuilt them that many times it’s not funny….

A mate of mine’s AWD had a big chunk broken off thatI had to glue back on in the front end !! He did it when he hit an objectnear the end of the straight while racing !!! We’ve all hit the same thing with our 1’s and 2’s and have never broken anything !! The awd is stock so ‘maybe’ 20k impact, all our 1’s and 2’s are doing42k’s xp1700.gifand over on the speed checker, so yeahIthink it’s just the softer plastic….

On a side note, I just installed a 5×2 stack (7317’s) on the above AWD and the difference is insane, HEAPS more punch !!!!!Cant wait for his AWD X-speed and BB can to turn up and really put it to the test!!…. I’ll be hitting you up for a fet kit Aaron if the results are as good asI think there going to be !!!!