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TallduDe wrote:

that is real cool stuff you got there man!

can you give us more details like how fast is that thing? are they foam tires you got on it?

looks real good

Its as fast as you care to make it. With X-speed 20-25kmh on the speed checker. With Iwaver X.-speed Pro 45-50 kmh before the cells give out but is undriveable.

With the right set up it is great fun to drive against the mini Zs but getting the steering to your liking takes a while.

Tyres are foam from the manufacturer on the front an self made foam strip tyres on the rear. It comes with alloys and a Ball diff, alloy steering knuckles.

Here is the site. Unfortunatly the kits are not available at the moment due to supplier problems.

Micro servo from Hitec or Graupner, the ESC is from Twister and Jeti Rex 5 receiver were purchased separately.

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