Re: moment of silence for my bit

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are u sure u can’t salvage it? if it’s just a steering wire you can solder it back on. theres a digrame of which wires go to which corresponding solder points on the technical feastures section. if all that happened was the steering wire i don’t think it’s dead yet. maybe u soldered the wires at the incorrect points. but if ur thinking of a booster then u can buy a 57 mhz fairladyz from with it’s own controller) my booster is awesome, it has a range of over 20feet outdoors without any mods. it is also slightly faster then my other bits when you boost. then there is also the 27 mhz booster automodellista set, i don’t have that one though. and the last way to get a booster that i know of is to buy the 35mhz or 45 mhz booster set…but for those two you need to buy the four band cause they don’t come with a controller…so it might be a bit pricier then the other above options. the fairzlady is the cheapest way to go, and yes you can go mad on the booster sets and make duals out of them.