Re: new Compact Char-G

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I just bought a Compact Char-g from K-Mart. The Silver Toyota Supra, Looks pretty good.

The reason I wanted it was not for the convenience of buying from Australia, but that they have a 40 Mhz Car like in the states. Which means I can now run five cars a once.

I don’t have a 57Mhz car yet but all the other frequencies seem to work fine with the Compact car. Also they come with the 2.2 Motor as opposed to the 1.0. Iritating, it’s too fast for my track. Pretty cool otherwise.

K-Mart in NSW and ACT are having a Toy sale from July 12 to 18 and the Compacts are being sold at 39.95. Bargain, but I was too impatient to wait three days.