Re: asking for a quick newbie intro!

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kyosho mini z: top quality 1:28 road racing chassis. 2 models available, mr01 and mr02. both require special parts. they both use the same motors, bearings, servo gears, and some other trivial parts. but for the most part it’s one or the other.

i waver: mini z mr01 cheapy copy. compatible with all mr01 parts.

mini x: i dunno much about these. i think they’re 1:24 scale 4wd road racers.

xmod: sold only through radio shack in america (and some places on ebay). 1:28 scale road racers, can be upgraded to 4wd. requires xmod parts.

all of these cars require parts specifically designed for them. there’s a little crossover, they all take the same size motors (130 size) except the mini x (?) and, um, maybe batteries. but that’s the official line. nuthin stopping us from a little frankenstining!:p:8ball: