Re: question about ZZMT Mosfet mod

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I didn’t notice a huge increase in the few I’ve done either, however, when racing with or pulling against unmodifed trucks, they always win. So I know its working, I just don’t think you really see the difference without a tri-cell or lipoly.

You might want to try double stacking the FETs as well, ph2t and others have reported pretty good results. But again I think you’ll need the increased battery voltage before you start seeing really snappy performance.

I generally run the fastest motor/gear combo (orange I think), its got so much power that the only reason I have to go to a slower setup is if I just want to drive slower.

For anyone else who would like to FET their own MT using the guide linked above. I didn’t really design it to be as simple as possible, it is just what appealed to me while I was diagraming the board. I’m sure you can do without bridging resistors (the board has a 5v boost converter, so the gate drive for the FETs is more than enough), and its not necessary to do the jumpering exactly as I’ve shown it. It is my intention to redo the page to simplify the method, but I’m currently busy on other projects. Also, I apologize for the poor formatting you get when accessing it through the domain. I haven’t quite got the hang of the content management software I’m using.