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High efficiency Center Shaft Drive that communicates full Motor torque.

The power from F/R diff Gear will transmit thorough the Center Shaft and Universal Swing Shaft to All wheels.

Due to the minimum width of 65mm chassis, most of MR01 and MR015 bodies are able to fit.

12 pcs of different wheel are included to fit to various bodies.

Easy to change to the M/L size Mini-Z Racer wheel base.

4 pcs Ball Bearing included.

F/R Diff Gear included.

Able to change the Rear Tow by using option parts.

4 kinds of Pinion Gear, 3 kinds of Spar Gear (3 kinds per wheel base, total of 6pcs) is included, so able to change the Gear Ratio as you like.

New receiver amplifier unit (High Grade FET), RA12 is included.

Wheels – not able to use regular Mini-Z wheels. Use AWD wheels only.

= Technical data and Proto-Type pictures =

Technical Data

scale 1/27.6

Length 127.5 mm (M)/131.5mm (L)

Width 65.0~72.0mm

Height 43.0mm

Wheelbase 90.0mm (M)/94.0mm (L)

Track F : 56.5~63.5mm R :56.5~61.0mm

Weight Approx. 135g

Motor 130 class

Gear Ratio (regular)7.2 : 1 / 6.4 : 1  

6.0 : 1 / 6.0 : 1

5.7 : 1 / 5.3 : 1

5.0 : 1 / 4.5 : 1

Front Tyres


Rear Tyres Φ25.0mm

Front Tires width 8.5mm

Rear Tires width 8.5~11.0mm

Batteries AAA X4

Transmitter Sold separately

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