Re: “Show us Yer Bits” Competition Entries

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Here’s the first Hobbit Entry.

Project: Pony Express
Body: Zip Zap Mustang, shortened to fit BCG and convertened to convertable.
Chassis: Precious, Tab Lowered front and exhaust tip attached to chassis. Wheels Painted Gold to match paint scheme. Blue Cat5 antenna.

The idea for shortening the body came from seeing CaboWabo’s Challenger.

I lowered the body by Tab lowering the Chassis in the front and making a custom slot in the rear of the body for the tab.

Side skirts and front air dam (of course).

Driver is from Phast Motors, but I really had to chop it to fit.

Of course I detailed the side mirrors and head and tail lights.

I figured I needed to put up at least one entry from Philadelphia, PA USA.

Hope you like it.