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z-beam wrote:

that golf game sounds fun, is there a party play mode? like multyplay on one system taking turns?

a few more questions panda: where do i transfer mp4 videos onto the psp file on the mem. stick? i managed to make a photo file and save suff onto it but movies are beyond me.

what fancy stuff have you got running on your system and what OS is yours running on?

Haven’t gotten around to getting a decent memstick yet. blush.gifMine’s jap v1.50 and I’ve been gradually accumulating on my HDD all the homebrews I can find.

Everybody Golf can play up to 8 via wireless… I think its like doing multiplayer on PS2? I gotta go find another 7 PSPs with the game to test.

Re videos…

Format your memstick in your PSP.

That makes you all your folders… except the video one. tongue.gif

Now go find this software called ‘PSP9’… that handle all the conversion to MP4, and it’ll also automate making you the right folder (has to be a certain filename) and it transfers the video files over for you too.