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bithed wrote:

…WHITE version is out on September 21st fellas…Hopefully it wont show up those greasy fingerprints as much as the black one will…PanicToys is playing with the idea of doing some of the local peripherals hat you guys might not bea ble to get locally or from the bay…Mark-up sux on game stuff but its more like getting you something funky to tell you apart from the…

White looks naff. Maybe if you owned an iBook or something too… otherwise Black is Best.

Ways to ignore/avoid fingerprints…

    [*]only handle by the edges
    [*]don’t let your friends/family even TOUCH it
    [*]play where there’s no sunlight or external lighting*

    * think I found a flaw in PSP design… when you play in total darkness, none of the buttons are backlit. Think Sony could have found some innovative way to use the light-leakage from the LCD backlighting to light up the buttons too.


    Managed to get 7+ hrs playing Everybody’s Golf on Fri & Sat.

    Backlight and volume both on max low.

    ok ok, annoyance #2:

    Can’t tell battery life when playing a game; gotta quit and go to main menu.

    (Power green LED starts blinking, but by then its too late)

    Someone’s selling a USB charge cable for PSP already. But not sure if that’s a good idea, supposedly the PSP can suck 1.2A from its wallwart – that’s way outside USB specs (500mA?).