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Aaron wrote:

PandaBear wrote:

Aaron wrote:

*laughs* Great toy but at the moment I”ll stick with plotting to get a new mobile 🙂

Got the SE K750i in June, best phone ever. What else could one want in a phoney companion?

(well, personal choice would be W800i in a classy black casing, but 800 wasn””t released then)

K750i are out in the stores here now, pretty hot deals available too.

w800i is actually what we”re looking at – ”cpet I”ve downgraded my own choice to be a 750i becuase I can get it included on in my business plan at no cost, while the w800i is going to be a bit more exxy.

Either way they”re a great phone on paper, have you tried runing a Memory Stick PRO Duo in the 750? we”ve had conflicting reports of it working (or not). Planning on a 1Gb unit 🙂


Am still considering getting a W800i, but the PSP snuck in first. smile.gifBut the bright orange… hmm, I like it but its not as classy as black-n-silver housing in a corporate environment. (to compensate, I’ve loaded a bright orange Theme on the K750i… keeps the 800 urge to a minimum -for now)

Have not heard any troubles with running PRO DUOs in the phone, both Sony & Lexar. Highspeed or not doesn’t make any difference.

Yeah need to get some ‘Sticks here eventually too, probably 1GBs. (Any leads to get them for <$150 appreciated!) Commonest hassle I’ve heard with 750s is ‘hanging’, but hasn’t happened to us. Got both previous version & current version of firmwares, neither has hung on us since June. But cousin says his (latest version) occasionally freezes when left overnight.
Occasionally a non-compliant Java app might hang it; which case I’ve gotta yank out the battery to effect a reset. Sometimes they recover but I’m too impatient.

2MP camera’s fantastic.

Don’t ask me about talking though – barely ever use it (its the ‘personal’ phone) for speech.

Being an Ericsson guy who’s gotten just about every generation … K750i has an all-new butt plug system, so no legacy corded equipment fits (K700i uses old-style plug).

Except for Bluetooth stuff, but I got none. (exception… some Bluetooth earpieces charge off the old-style plug… so it won’t work with the new powerplug.)

Battery lasts forever (so don’t need car charger) and the kit comes with a stereo handsfree & a USB data/charger cable *INCLUDED* so I ain’t whinging about unobtanium accesorries yet.