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sure am, i got ine on pre-order from EB games. luckily they try to better themselves on anyone elses deals. toys r us has an in store pre order offer of the system 3 in 1 car kit (lighter adaptor,screen protectorand spare usb plug) and a game for 449$aud. eb has said to me they wil match it and give me some extras like a hard case as well as all the t’r’u goodies.

toys r us only as 4 games to choose from in the package tho, tiger woods golf, need for speed, spider man and tony hawk.

me being a sneaky devil when it comes to eb’s 7 day no questions return policy means ill be taking need for speed for a test run overnight and swapping it for whatever i realy want!

i have mecury and wipeout pure on pre-order as well so i wont be lacking in software.

what games are you thinking of getting panda?