Re: Zip Zap Ford Falcon FPV GT Ute

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If Tandy bring the Zip to Oz, then I’ll consider selling the BA and it would be easy enough to do a sedan as well. Tall ride height aside, the longer chassis suits the big Aussie cars better than Bits, especially the ute if you want any usable load space. You could stretch a Bit chassis to fit under the BA too, and it solves the oversized front wheel problem (sits nice and low at the front). I think I’ll be doing this for my car.

Other AU cars? Maybe. I could see myself doing a Torana hatch or E49 Charger for the Bit chassis. On the whole, I’m moving my projects to a much more scale look. Starting with a scale body then modding the chassis to match.

If I did sell bodies, they’d be about AU$20 unpainted. I don’t anticipate much demand at that price. We’ve got a group buy going at for clear ’57 Chev bodies. You would think that Americans would snap them up, but so far we’ve only got three interested parties (me being one of them).