The Status Update!

You’ve hit this page because it’s now where the domain points.

This isn’t an error, the domain hasn’t been stolen and squatted on, instead you have hit the resting place of a site that was a massive part of my life. was the product of an idea shared with a good friend, it became a community, and in many ways defined who I was. Equally as importantly it put food on my table and gave me the means to do things I never would have achieved otherwise.


All that’s gone now, the recent history where my personal issues took away the (massive) amount of time I had invested, some fraudsters who abused PayPals Buyer Protection to steal hundreds of dollars in both cash and merchandise and lastly the loss of the domain name to squatters.

In 2012 I spent a bucket of cash to get back the domain, power up the site and get back online – but by then the continual security updating that vBulletin needed, the continued vigilance against spammers not to mention the mammoth task of trying to rebuild the community was beyond me. In early 2014 yet another vBulletin security hole led to the site being defaced and once again the guys at stepped in and did what needed to be done to protect the backend of the servers and the site has been down since.

Sorry everyone, but it’s not coming back unless I shell out another vBulletin license fee, hope to heck the DB isn’t trashed and ploughing the hundred or so hours to make it work, with crossed fingers and toes, only to have some hacker screw it up again.

If you’re here chasing tech documents then they will be linked below IF and WHEN I find the originals and upload them!

You could always jump onto eBay and buy some of the old store stock in clearing!

Trust me I need to get rid of this stuff and move on!