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Heya Aaron, good to see you still going strong. How many did you move of these tings in the end? I think in my nelly days I moved around 600 of the things, couldn’t remember. I found the key was the NElly EVO (branding, price point, market size of xmod in US), that moved the most. The key was to get wholesale deals at the time, worked well for me into the Us market and a lot less admin costs than direct sell.

Damn, how many nights I lost making the PCB’s (yes did it all myself) on jerry-rigged equipment (my PCB UV exposure tool that etched the PCB tracks was an old hacked A4 flatbed scanner with UV light bulb attached). Was an art to etch the PCB at the correct temp and agitation to ensure the tracks would all evenly etch. I remember that being my biggest problem. Some of the ultrafine tracks (<0.2 mm) on the crazy arse small MSSOT packages would etch away into oblivion before even most the PCB was done.

Bloody hack I was. Lol, Betty and I sure were cowboys back in the day…..