Re: Bad PN motor?

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Oh, I agree with you. A balanced arm is better than an unbalance arm, but when you’re using 4 gobs of epoxy to ballance an arm with only three rotors then I raise an eye brow. How unbalanced was the arm to begin with? That epoxy has weight. Not much, but it’s enough to rebalance the arm so I’d have to say it’s enough. I don’t think the arm would spin noticeably slower, but I do think it would pull more amps, especially on acceleration, which in turn lowers efficiency. Lower the efficiency of a motor and more of the wattage goes to heat. It’s not really anything to be concerned with unless you’re talking lipos and fets/turbos.

I also agree with the sanding method vs. the melting method but the armature coil terminals on the motors in question are the more fragile type. I’ve broken one before unclamping it from the wire. I’d rather not muck around with them if I can help it.

All in all, PN motors aren’t bad for what you’re paying, but I’ve been having problem after problem with a few of their other motors too. I may stop buying them all together. I still have a hand full that I haven’t fully tested so my opinion might change.