Re: drift set up

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MR-02 or MR-010?

The MR-010 with a low~medium gear ratio drifts very nicely out of the box. The MR-02 needs more power to drift comfortably (IMO). After that, soft springs in front, hard spring in back, and a tire set up that lets you slide on the type surface you’ll be using. Hard rubber for tacky concrete or foam and foam tires on smooth surfaces. Adjusting the ball differential, if you have one, will get you closer as well. I can’t tell you how to set it as each car and ball diff are a little different depending on make, balance, motor, etc… I can drift my MR-02 ok with the diff a little tight. Nothing compared to my MR-010 though.

My advice is to just get an MR-010 AWD.