Re: Kyosho Mini-Z all wheels drive

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Yeah I have a TSC and get the same ‘problem’ as Aaron !! my AWD (unfet’ed) can pass a fully Hopped up MR01 that speed checks at 48K’s (with the rear wheels on both rear rollers)but whenI put the AWD on the TSC it only reads about 26-27k’squestion.gif

Both cars motor specs:

MR01 : Kyosho X-Speed in yeah racing BB can

5×2 fet stack

42t/13t or 14t gearing (can’t remember, not my car)

MA010 : Kyosho AWD X-Speed in Yeah racing BB can

Standard fets

29t/19t gearing

I don’t know if the AWD’s reading is a truer reading then what you get with the RWD cars or ifthe AWDcan’t unload on the TSC with all four wheels tuning the rollers !!! question.gif The AWD’s seem to roam around on the TSC alot too, you have to hold on to it so it stays in line…

Also just for everyones info… With the AWD X-speed in a bb can and the above gearing the motor doesn’t even get warm after a full set of batteries worth of racing!!!! with this gearing and the standard motor, The motor would get so hot that it starts to melt the plastic cross bar in the chassis’s motorholeand burns your fingers real bad after just a few seconds of racing !!! ( I know for a fact wink.gif)….. I can stillgo higher with the gearing but haven’t tried it yet..

As for my mates Fet’ed AWD I can’t test it for you right now as the drive cups have spun, so he’s waiting for his new Atomic alloy shafts and cups to arrive….. I’ll check it once there in, should be late next week…