Re: Li-Po setups

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well i guess it depends how fast you wanna go.
i’m happy with a top speed of between 30 – 40 kph and to achieve that i run 4 nimh cells, pn racing s03 or s04 motor (35 – 37 turn, neo mags), 9 – 10 t pinion, bearings all round (motor can too), nelly 1.0 (the spider is plenty good too).
then there’s things like suspension, tyres, camber, etc to tweak so it handles the excess speed. you can read all about my mr02 and how i set it up here:

i spose if i wanted to go faster i would add a larger pinion, my motors have wads of torque to spare. at a guess i could go up to a 14t pinion and maybe clock 45 – 50 kph.

i’ve just never felt the need to go faster, a car that’s too fast to handle is less fun than a car that’s too slow. :8ball: