Re: mr-02 40Mhz FM Conversion

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See the recent templestowe thread for pics of the MX-3S I use. 🙂

A small update. Got a chance to really open her up on the weekend as shown in the temp’ thread. Also had time to try out the lipoly setup.

I was keen to get it going since all I have to do is put the lipoly in the tray and plug it in. Since I’m running hobby grade RX/ESC/Servo, the need to regulate the voltage and all that crap is sorted with the BEC part of the ESC.

And the lipos fit like a dream to into the battery bays, with only a little modding need on the battery clips themselves, nothing else!

Again, I’m seeing power dumping problems. I’ve got a 27t handwound in there and it’s quite fast. On four cells it seems OK but on lipo I’m getting major “dumping” of the batts. I’m not sure what it is but the ESC may not be handling it all.

It s strange. I’m not getting the same kind of problem that I had when running the GWS plane ESC, ie: the steering is still smooth with no issues in this revision. So it’s got to be something with the ESC.

I may change out the Robitronic ESC’s MOSFET with the higher performing Nelly ones. But I need to analise the signals on the ESC first and do some datasheet reading to find out if it’s feasible.

At the end of the day, that may not solve the problem 🙁

On 4 cells it’s sweet. So it’s still ok for wiping the floor with Betty’s ’02. lol….