Re: Need suggestions for xmod mods

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first you need to realise that these are just as expensive to hopup as a mini z.:shock:
there’s too much to list really. i’ve pretty much got all the shack upgrades like awd and bb’s and some gpm alloy parts are needed too like knuckles and rear drive cups.
electronically you can tighten the turning circle by adding resistors to the servo. or replace the pcb with an iwaver one. get the stage 2 motors for the pinions and heatsink. and a nelly of course!
then there’s the “not for sale” mods like heatshrink on the cups or brass eyelets in the chassis for the knuckles. shorten the bottom posts on the knuckles so they don’t get caught up o the ground. there’s way more you can do with them, hunt around some xmod forums or check the xmod section at ikinari’s site:8ball: