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As far as I know, there is only one individual that produces what is called double and triple wind patterns in 130 sized motors. There is also drill vs. epoxy balancing, crossover vs. hemi winding, single vs. multiple winds, etc.
A single wind pattern is what you see on ALL current micro motors, where one single strand of wire is wound continuosly around the armature. In doubles and triples, two or three strands of a smaller gauge wire are wound simultaneously around the armature. This creates smoother power and a broader power band, as it creates a more dense magnetic field. As far as crossover and hemi winds, the difference isn’t something that necessarily would be very noticable in driving. If you were to take the armature out of a stock 130 and look at the comm you would see the wires cross each other going from the comm to the armature. Now if you were to look at a pattern wound armature (like the 21 turn at you would notice that the wires come straight down from the comm to the armature. This essentially makes a 28 turn motor a 27 1/2 turn motor, as the final wind doesn’t create a full magnetic loop. The idea behind this is that it basically generates more top end speed. If you look at 10th scale racing motors, you would note that the stock motors all have crossover winds and that the vast majority of modified motors have a hemi wind.
(I must give full credit to a mate that goes by the name of Flashsp-2 for the above information, he makes custom handwound 130 armatures.)