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PandaBear wrote:

z-beam wrote:

i picked up liberty city stories today and its blown my mind. how the hell can they code more than gta 3 to run on the little psp. its damned amazing to see working.

Z-B:- can you pls confirm or deny that Liberty needs v2.0+ to run…?

Or can it live on v1.50.

sorry panda, my psp is and will be staying on 2.0 so i have no idea if a 1.5 will be able to run it. forums from the states have mentioned it might need it, but some of there opinions i wouldnt trust… thing is, if it does only need 2.0 and nothing higher and there is a downgrader from 2.0 if your game to use it (2.0 into 1.5).

you gotta ask yourself the question, do you use any homebrew? is it as enjoyable as gta?

talldude, tiger electronics are behind the gizmondo. last games they ever made where lcd things like nintendo game and watch, only tiger was still making them when game boys had been around for a while… i used to have their moon buggy game, it was just like moon patrol on really old pc’s and amigas.

it certainly is a step up from those days, and the game colours for it sounds great in concept. only problem is how many others do you think in australia are going to get this device?

id really like to put one side by side with a psp for comparison, but at the end of the day i am really a sony fanboy. they allways deliver for me, the shape ofthe gizmo reminds me of an old controler. i like the adultiness of psp…

and as far as better games, show me one game released here. how can nothing be better than something? i dont doubt there eventually will be good games for it, but for now lets just focus on the topic in my hands. the glorious sony psp system…