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PandaBear wrote:

dgs73 wrote:

GBM looks just like the original game & watch from when i was a little tacker…

no way, GBu has ‘Gameboy’ standard buttons. sovxx.gif

Nintendo G&W have custom buttons for each different game. (for all you kiddies, the G&W was from 1980 and is a pocket handheld LCD game… oh yeah, it also had a time/alarm function.)

Nintendo did a retro run some yrs ago of classic G&W games on a matchbox-sized keychain unit shaped like a minatureOriginal Gameboy. This one had Gameboy buttons too… playing that is so different to playing original G&W units.

Dug out my original Gameboy the other weekend. Cool – still works… but the LCD is missing a few lines (damned!). Its still running off its 1st set of Energizers so it can”t have been overused; some of the old game cartridges have also lost their hi-scores too (imho must be a battery-backed RAM chip in there).

I’ve still got my nintendo game & watches at my parents place. Donkey Kong, Chef, and some other one I can’t remember… Those were extremely fun in the day…

Have you seen how much they go for on ebay ? Close to $100 each depending on condition.

I’ve got an original game boy as well, pulled out the 32 games in 1 cartridge and hell yeah it still works after all these years….