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z-beam wrote:

i got one of the usb power cables panda, it sucks the power from the usb plug on the laptop and feeds it through the standard dc power jack while simultaniuosly connecting (the cord forks into two ends on the psp side) the psp using usb 2.0 via the top jack.

i have been charging it up using that cord while using the internet and also while watcing dvd”s on the ps2 and using its usb jacks. sweet eh?!

i did notice that when i used the proper adapter for the power point it charged waaay faster. i thought it might be because i have only charged it up twice.

PC USBs are rated for only 500mA I think.

The Sony plugpack is 1200mA.

I dunno what your PC thinks of the PSP sucking 1200mA …