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Aaron wrote:


Hands off the console, you”ve had it for 5 minutes, now review it 😛

who, me?

Had it for a WEEK already. blush.gifOther pals down here have had it since xmas 2004.

Was at JB Hifi last night, they had a PSP playing movie ‘Hitch’. Nothing for sale yet.

Still…. thought I’d join the ‘crowds’ at 9am this morning.

Reportedly some crazy buggers opened at midnight, with 100+ ppl queueing at Myer Dandenong. (Not me, I was curled up nice and warm in bed… playing Ridge Racer.)

About 10 ppl in thecheckouts picking up their pre-orders at city Myer at 9am.

Myer was a bit low on stock on the shelves; sales guy said they had a few more boxes of stuff in the warehouse so I left my # with them to see what stock they had. They had consoles, quite a few UMB movies, most of the games.

(Myers offering $10 off PSP games for Father’s Day, ends this weekend. Plus Myer is giving discount vouchers eg 20% off games with every PSP purchase.)

David Jones… was deserted. Staff still busy shrinkwrapping the items. Games priced at RRP $79.95 but spoke with the boss and he confirmed they’d match Myer’s $69 special.

Electronics Boutique (EB) around the corner did pretty brisk trade -they had consoles & games, some movies. Nice range of 3rd party accessories but all at RRP.

Myer called back at 1030 saying they found what I wanted, so went back and picked up Lumines and Everybody Golf. Noone has stock of Mercury yet, nationwide supply hitch.

Have not yet witnessed a Oz/UK PSP yet to see how the Samsung screen looked.

Don’t know how retailers are gunna demo the PSP as it’ll be pretty hard to lock it down on a pedestal. Noone’s got any display units on show yet.