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WipOut. Something that has”nt been done as good since Wip3out (and Wip3out Spec. Ed.) Why oh why did Psygnosis and Designers Republic hang up their hats? Why no PS2 version FROM THEM??? OK, i”m over it… now… Zbeam; how so? How”s my PS3 experience going to be heightened by a hand held PS2? (let”s be honest, not much more to em… plus, i”m sceptical of the mini dvds… last time Sony tried something new (pre PS), it flopped. Beta anyone??? lol) If things look good down the track, maybe. If only for Wipeout Pure… it”s gotta be better than Fusion… and i don”t mind the(year)wait, still got about 6 PS2 games yet to start, so the 2 should see me through until at least, oh, say, September next year…

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