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its all about the games tho talldude…sony has some good contacts in the industry at the moment and this being there 3rd console im pretty confident in them as a entertainment company.

im sure the gizmo will spend most of its life as a sat nav in your focus eh? and as far as multi tasking goes, the psp has enough features that im allready not using… much…

i picked up liberty city stories today and its blown my mind. how the hell can they code more than gta 3 to run on the little psp. its damned amazing to see working.

also found a game save that someone had written to be a debug mode with switchable cheats, great to see homebrew running on 2.0 firmware. helicopters are in LCS despite most reveiws stating that flying is a no go on the psp. the flight models arnt as polished as san andreas, but they work and thats an acheivement in itself.

now, i cant wait to have a crack at the open city multiplay options…