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PandaBear wrote:

Aaron wrote:

*laughs* Great toy but at the moment I’ll stick with plotting to get a new mobile 🙂

Got the SE K750i in June, best phone ever. What else could one want in a phoney companion?

(well, personal choice would be W800i in a classy black casing, but 800 wasn”t released then)

K750i are out in the stores here now, pretty hot deals available too.

w800i is actually what we’re looking at – ‘cpet I’ve downgraded my own choice to be a 750i becuase I can get it included on in my business plan at no cost, while the w800i is going to be a bit more exxy.

Either way they’re a great phone on paper, have you tried runing a Memory Stick PRO Duo in the 750? we’ve had conflicting reports of it working (or not). Planning on a 1Gb unit 🙂


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