Re: TX2C/RX2C Channel Question

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Thank you for the quick reply. The link you posted gives me the answer I have been looking for. The RX6/TX6 chip seems to have two extra channels I can use to drive a servo. I don’t know if you have personally used a car with the RX6/TX6 chip but if you could direct me to an online store that sells them I would appreciate it. The closest I could find was:

It is the same seller PH2T bought his off of but it is on Ebay and the guy’s english is less than perfect. :dead: Are these the right cars? Also, do you know what frequency they run at? I’m in the U.S. and only 27mhz and 49mhz are legal…even though I know with the range on these things it doesn’t really make a difference I’d still like to know, if you have the information.

-Lost Cause