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A lot of guys running Lipo also run foam tires and race on carpet tracks now. Even with brushless motors cranking out torque, guys are raving about the performance of AMZ and MRX chassis. I’m not familiar with foams on carpet.. RCP is still the PN World Cup choice and rubber tires are standard, but foams seem to be making their way into the 1/28th racing scene around the world..

From what I hear where foams are allowed, the foam tires provide more grip than rubber – Especially on carpet tracks. Elite Mini-Z races say they are breaking their old track records fairly-easily with foam tires. And with Lipo, the chassis setups are much lighter and let you add weight to the chassis wherever you want for maximizing grip, usually on the very bottom of the chassis.

I have yet to try either the AMZ or MRX, but I’m biased toward AWD so I personally am lean in towards trying the AMZ by ATOMIC. 🙂