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      Quite attachment of the Spider Turbo Installation Instructions!

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      Site Owner Guy.

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      The “Spider” and “WoahNelly” Turbo >>> One of my All-Time coolest upgrades for the Mini-Z and Xmods! 🙂

      Thank you for posting the installation info Aaron. Although brushless motors are making their presence known in the Mini-Z racing world these days, especially with PN Racing & Atomic making newer/better Versions of BL motors for Mini-Z.. I am still one race who appreciates a good-quality hand-wound brushed motor in my cars 🙂

      Am I the only one????… I miss the days of the Custom Brushed Motor businesses all over the Net. Man, there were some really cool motors and a lot of style and skill put into hand-wound armatures and hand-built motors. I would love to see a Spider/WoahNelly/MOSFET-Upgrade revival as well as some new custom motors being brought to market again, even with myself having a a BL chassis (Or 2, lol) in my stable now.. 🙂

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      Dangerous Dave
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      mm brushed power.. I think I built me up one of them Plasmatomic items back in the day, still ran 4 cell Nimh, required rear GRP foams to get it hooked up, super fast (all in the low quality Iwaver02 lol).

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      I love 4x NimH still… I am always matching NimH cells and trying to find the highest-voltage, lowest-Internal Resistance NimH cells..

      In the USA, and around the world, the PN World Cup Series rules are the standard for racing and they require NiMh x4 (4.8v) only — No Lipo allowed for any classes. So the majority of guys still run 4x NimH in their Mini-Z chassis’.

      Although Lipo is now used in Atomic’s new AMZ AWD custom chassis and in X-POWER’s MRX 2WD carbon custom chassis.. Lipo is slowly expanding into Mini-Z and 1/28th territory… But for me there is something retro-cool about Nimh cells. I love using my Competition Electronics Turbo GFX charger and matching-up some ultra-hot NimH cells. 🙂

      The Plasmatomic by PH2T… That is one hell of a motor right thurr.
      I have a few variations of the Plasmatomic myself Dave.. 🙂

      PH2T is definitely missed in this hobby.. 🙁

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      I have to admit that I haven’t done much with the hubby in the past few years, but the idea of trying to get a LiPo car to “hook up” on the track seems like a challenge.

      Even the warmer PN Racing motors were a challenge without good rubber.

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      A lot of guys running Lipo also run foam tires and race on carpet tracks now. Even with brushless motors cranking out torque, guys are raving about the performance of AMZ and MRX chassis. I’m not familiar with foams on carpet.. RCP is still the PN World Cup choice and rubber tires are standard, but foams seem to be making their way into the 1/28th racing scene around the world..

      From what I hear where foams are allowed, the foam tires provide more grip than rubber – Especially on carpet tracks. Elite Mini-Z races say they are breaking their old track records fairly-easily with foam tires. And with Lipo, the chassis setups are much lighter and let you add weight to the chassis wherever you want for maximizing grip, usually on the very bottom of the chassis.

      I have yet to try either the AMZ or MRX, but I’m biased toward AWD so I personally am lean in towards trying the AMZ by ATOMIC. 🙂

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      I just logged on for the first time in a couple of months, and I saw:


      I LOVE THIS! That’s awesome to hear the homegrown scene is still alive and kicking. (:

      I am definitely interested in a SPIDER, and any info on availability would be great! The days of running WoahNelly FET boards and Spider FET boards are not totally gone.. I hope to have an old WoahNelly installed on a Mini-Z AWD MA010 soon, I just don’t have the micro-soldering skills.. So I’m hopefully getting a electronics pro here in the USA to do a little work for me (:

      Hope to hear more about the Sider v4 production, could you please post or PM me if/when they are ready? Thanks so much!

      Viva BRUSHED MOTORS and External STACKED-MOSFET boards!!!

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