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It’s been a tough learning curve. I haven’t touched much/any Radio Control in ages and everything has just come so far. You remember back when programming the radio gear meant “sticking in a Crystal”? Well now it’s all this fancy micro-controller and 2.4Ghz voodoo magic. I’m not complaining. Really.

Anyway how’s the build going?
I assembled the basics of the frame. Then discovered the props in the motor set were too long. So I re-assembled the frame. It does have two options for the deck positioning. This is letting me work out the final wiring plan because I want to make it neat – at least once.

I’ve subsequently sourced smaller props, but will keep the underslung design as I think it looks kinda cool as well.

I’ve grabbed 4 spare sets of props (Thanks to a Hobbyking deal I scored them for like $0.31 a pair!)

Bit the bullet and programmed the latest “Steveis” Firmware onto the flight control. Went flawlessly so pretty happy about that.

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