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This was taken from a

Mocky it appears NML motors are not what they want you to believe.


You are trying to start it again, offending me!!

NML, Why are you still talkin crap after you said you werent anymore.. If you are referring to me as a Poser because I came out with my Big Block Version, then youre wrong.. Hey, Im not the one accusing people of fraud when youre the one Hipocrit who practices Fraud Armatured Motors. Im not the so called, “NML Handcrafted Quality” BS’er or FRAUD MOTOR SELLER using 5.00 Tamiya Armatures, ripping off people, BIG TIME!!

First of all, I dont care for people to buy the hydro motor. I even recommend it as well. i mentioned it in my threads that I have started two days ago..

Second of all, my Big Block V-12 Motor is not the exact motor that I bought from Hobby People. Dont make false accusations until you have Real proof!! Im talkin about the real proof of how you got caught big time from the past, whether its your phoney High Octane batteries where they are Sanyo 1.25v’s or whether its your Tamiya Armatured Motors!! Its the slower one’s that they sell at electronic stores, where I revised the armature, re-handwinding it for more RPMS than the stupid hydro motors in which i will soon test as well.. With these motors, it also depends on how you gear it!

Look, Im not the bitter one here who got caught redhanded using 5.00 Tamiya Machine Wound Armatures where you sold your motors for over $50.00 US dollars. YES, NML!! YOU KNOW YOU GOT CAUGHT REDHANDED AGAIN, USING 5.00 TAMIYA PRE- MACHINED WOUND ARMATURES!!

Now, that the fact has been proved about your so called ” NML Handcrafted Quality” , you are now trying to redeem yourself by kissing people’s @ss over here by posting your apologies, finally contributing ideas now, and future truly hand wound made armatures(to redeem the fact that you used 5.00 Tamiya Pre-Machined Wound Armatures) to divert the fact or change the topic in which you previously got caught redhanded for using Tamiya Armatures, and you know it’s true!!