Re: Burncity MiniZ – HFAY July Races: season 10 race 1, Sat July 17 Ashburton, Melbourne

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keep getting errors when trying to post a new thread… so here goes..

Howdy folks,

Seems that we have enough interest to do another RCP shipment from the US.
We should be able to pull this off for $400 per wide L if your in Melbourne.
If your interstate you’ll need to pay extra to ship it out from Melbourne. As a guide, I checked the web and it costs about $70-$100 to ship 2 x wide-L’s from Melbourne to Sydney depending on who you use to transport.

You maybe thinking gee.. $400 is quite a lot for a wide-L..
Well.. here is my little rant to put things into perspective..

We all know it costs US$200 for a wide-L which includes shipping to the states.. it is quite a good buy if you have a mate in the US who will bring it over for you.

I’ve asked for a few places for shipping from the US and shipping itself ALWAYS works out to more than US$200 for a single wide-L. I even asked the guys at RCP tracks to go via USPS using flat rate boxes and they said a single wide-L would fit into 3 boxes and each box would be US$96.. you do the math.. again more than US$200.

Over in Spain at they sell fo 265 euro which is about AUD$400 and I think there is shipping on top of that. If you ask super-rc in Japan to ship you a Kyosho Grand Prix 50cm tile track (slightly over two wide-L), it is AU$1075 + $362 shipping which again is quite steep.

So the only way to go is via container… which works out to be the cost of RCP + shipping cost + customs, a crapload of fees(port service, terminal handling, security, sea cargo, delivery order, customs, customs compile, trade gate, and cartage) plus GST on top of all that.. hence we arrive at what i hope you guys don’t feel is a rip off for $400 per wide-L and like Aaron in the tradition of ausmicro we are just making it possible for the community out here to get there hands on RCP. 🙂

You only need two wide-Ls to run How Fast Are You events (
There are heaps of layouts you can create with 2 x wide-Ls.. many of which fit inside a double garage. Just remember that each tile is 50cm to estimate how much space you would need for a layout.
With more kits, you get more variety..
See some sample layouts here:;su=user;u=1;cat=107

You can find out more about the different track kits at the RCP website

So.. if your interested.. drop me an email by August 16th!