Re: Enertech cars. Are they usefull to BCGs

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mr mondo slow down. when nobody would get me nimh cells i turned to the enertech car. it has 2 1/4 aaa nimhs instead of 1x 1/3aaa nimh. the battery in a bcg is 1/3 aaa ni-cad. those smaller capacity nimhs charged fast and i used them( had to make extensions to the terminals) and abused em.
the reason the car sucked was indeed tuneable. the steering sucked because the spring used to center the steering is about 3 times thicker than bcg. AND it has ultra hard ribbed tyres front and back.
the controller did work (49 -40mhz) and the range and power out put of the enertech racer was refreshing, i could drive the little suby from one end of the motel carpark to the other.
if you do buy one tune it dont hack it kike i did. oh yeah the shell DOESNT fit without modding. bcg’s all have 2 doors but the enertech has all 4. the nimh cells are in sleeper form.
once modded though the wrx looks better than a tomy one.:)