Re: Enertech cars. Are they usefull to BCGs

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I found the Enertec really REALLY fast, but again steering was really REALLY poor.

As mentioned above, tyres are hard and donuts are plentiful.

I think that it would make a great Drag car out of the box, but thats about it.

May have to try the steering spring mod as mentioned by z-beam to see if the car is able to be made controlable at all.

I got a black WRX and love the look of it, but I can’t comment on the fitting the shell to a Bit as I havn’t tried it. The enertec bodies are actually secured to the chassis with a small screw, so totally different to a Bit.

I also found with mine that the forward and reverse is transposed compared to the Bit transmitter i.e. push forward on Enertec TX Bit car goes backwards and vica versa! so the transmitter couldn’t be used without modifications.

My enertec seems to have a bit of a prob at the moment as the car runs all by itself and doesn’t stop quickly when you release the stick back to neutral. May just be batteries, not too sure yet but its totaly uncontrolable at the mo’

Looks really funny when you put two cars side by side:D

$30 bucks was cheap as I paid $50 for mine, still too much for a car that you cant drive though!!

Overall, I don’t think I’d buy another one, another Bit would be a much sounder investment!!

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