Re: How to strip down an AWD to clean the steering setup

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Step 5 :
Remove both the screws marked with the red dots in the pic celled STEP5, Then remove the PCB cover and set all this aside ! to remove the PCB cover lift the front where the screws where and push it to wards the rear you may need to use your finger nail to pop the rear clip !! be careful that the PCB is not stuck up in the cover as it sometimes is !!..

Step 6 :
Now this is where you have to be VERY careful as the wires are very fragile and will brake very easily !! OK, Carefully twist the PCB anti-clockwise 90deg so you can see the two screw heads that are underneath !!! Look at the pic called STEP6 to get a better idea, I’ve marked the screws with red dots !! Also you will need a very fine phillips head driver for these two screws !!

Step 7 :
Now remove them two screws from Step 5 and flip the PCB up 90deg ! to reveal the Grey and Black wires underneath the Red and Black ones from the PCB. Look at the pic called STEP7 to get a better idea !!

Step 8 :
now left the Grey and Black wires as per the pic called STEP8 and also remove the screw I’ve marked with the Red dot.

Step 9 :
Before you remove the servo cover take notice of where the wires come through !!! as you will need to place them there when you put it all back together or it will pinch the wires !!! I attached the pic called STEP9 for reference anyway !!