Re: How to strip down an AWD to clean the steering setup

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Step 14 :
OK now turn the car back over and grab hold of the servo saver as per the pic celled STEP14 and gently pull straight up. This will lift the whole servo setup out of the chassis .. Be careful as the on/off switch is still mounted in the chassis !!!

Step 15 :
in the pic called STEP15 you can see the screw that I have marked with the red dot !! this is the screw that holds the on/off switch in !! Undo this screw making sure you have hold carefully of the PCB and servo setup as not to brake any wires !!!.. Once this screw is undone you will be able to remove the little clamp (see pic called STEP15A) that holds the switch.

Step 16 :
You can then lift the switch out of the chassis and the whole PCB and servo setup will be separate from the rest of the car as per pic STEP16 !!!

Now after all that we can actually start to clean something !!! 😀

Step 17 :
Start with the chassis !! Clean out the servo and steering compartments look at the pic called STEP17 to see these areas. You may as well clean the diff housing while your at it !!!