Re: How to strip down an AWD to clean the steering setup

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Now that you have a clean chassis set it aside and you can start on the servo itself !!

Step 18 :
start by removing the motor from it’s location by pulling it straight out as per pic STEP18 then remove the plate behind the POT and then the POT as per pic STEP18A. be careful removing the plastic backing plate as the locating pin are fragile !! I broke one of mine on a previous clean up ! you can see this in the pic called STEP18B… it still work perfect as once it installed back in the chassis it all put into location and held tight

Step 19 :
The pic called STEP19 shows the remainder of the servo and show which plate I call the front and which I call the back !!! Remove the back plate leaving the gears on the pins of the front plate !! see pic called STEP19A