Re: How to strip down an AWD to clean the steering setup

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Step 20 :
Remove the 3 gears from the front half of the servo casing and lay them on the table !! Give all the parts a good clean ! I normally use a old tooth brush to clean the gears, it works well !!. Also check them for any damage !! if all is well you can now reassemble the servo…

The pic called STEP20 shows you all the parts laid out !! I’ve numbered the Gears 1, 2 and 3 and I have also labeled the mounting points on the front half of the case so you can see where they go !! start with the Gear labeled 1. Attach the servo saver attachment arm to the pin on Gear 1 then mount Gear 1 into location 1 on the front case half.(see pic STEP20A) Now mount Gear 2 (see pic STEP20B), then Gear 3 (STEP20C). Now place the back servo case half back on !!

You should now have a complete gear box !!!

You can recognize your Gears by this, Gear 1 has the locating mount for both the POT and also the Servo saver. Gear 2 has a larger small cog on the side and gear 3 has the smaller small cog on the side !!! (if that makes sense) !!